'Customiser' : transitive 1st group (conjugation)
1. (Anglicism) Customize an object or other to his own taste.
2. Loan of the American 'customize', derivative of customer, which is the adaptation of a mass-produced equipment to the particular requirements of a user.
"One day, armed with a big black marker, I scribble at random on the cover of a magazine. The result seems interesting to me. I repeat the experience on different media. I use since the term 'Customization' to define these drawings and/or collages made on printed or current objects for a reinterpretation.
au·tom·a·tize, au·tom·a·tized, au·tom·a·tiz·ing, au·tom·a·tiz·es > To make automatic !
“After the "revelation" of the permanent ink marker in the context of 'Customization', I discovered at random a large DIY specialty store: the 'paint marker'.
A kind of big pen in indelible ink super covering, perfectly resistant to light and water and commonly used in the medium of taggers and graphers.
I start using this new tool and always with a concern of saving of tones, mainly black, white, gold and silver, a long series of automatic drawings executed on pages of old books .
Unlike "customizations", these drawings do not serve the purpose but completely cover the support, only hinting at a few print characters, a bit like a story told!
Subsequently, I will develop larger formats on canvas based on some of these compositions, with 'disorganized geologies' in a more abstract spirit.
So I use the term 'Automatization' to define this type of achievements which for me are undoubtedly the departure of a new creative area"...
*Collectors of pious images and, by extension, objects of popular piety (relics, scapulars, rosaries, rosaries ...)
"The word "bondieuserie" (god affair) is a familiar and pejorative term that describes objects of piety sometimes, or often it is according to bad taste. A "canivettist*", who practices canivetie, is a collector of pious images and, by extension, of all forms of bondage.
My faith ... as far as I'm concerned, I have a special affection for everything related to the representation of Christ on the cross, the church statuary, the funerary art of cemeteries whose paths I romantically and tirelessly , from city to city, from country to country. 
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Our commitment stems from a simple observation: Brussels has many official venues, galleries, museums often for "bankable artists" or internationally recognized, but very few spaces in which people to the lifestyle carried towards the creative expression wish to share the fruit of their artistic energy.

It is with the support and encouragement of art lovers from the real estate sector that the project LEVEL3-VISUAL ARTS see the day.

It is in the form of a "EXPŒPHEMERE" that about fifteen artists of all disciplines invest, in November 2018, level 3 of an office building which will be converted back into housing. These 3 intense days were punctuated by the installation "Le Grand Jeu" directed by Denis KLICQLICQ and Bruno DEPREZ as well as by the performances of the collective of dancers "Slayers".

The opening of an art exhibition is always an important social event which aims to improve the visibility of the exhibition and which is attended by guests associated in one way or another with the creator. This is an opportunity to present the exhibition to buyers and journalists but it is especially a privileged moment of exchanges and heated discussions...